Waterfall at Sticklepath on the River Taw – Dartmoor

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Stickle path waterfall dartmoor devon pano

The image of the Waterfall at Sticklepath on the River Taw - Dartmoor was shot whilst on a trip to the Devon.The waterfall on the River Taw, near Sticklepath. It isn't high, but it's more than a babbling brook. After a year of lockdown it was a pleasure to shoot and to site by and just watch for 30 mins. The valley that it runs through a magical with the breeze running through the trees and birds singing up in the branches.

The image is essentially a snap, as I didn't have tripod with with me. It really was that dappled and green. Between the leaves, and the moss and the and the water green is a pervading throughout the shot. There's so much green it's bouncing off the rocks.

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I hope you enjoy viewing the image – Colin